Supporting Young People to Succeed

Youth Transition Services

The Youth Transition Services (YTS) provides educational support and vocational/ job training. The program provides educational instruction and life skills training with paid site-based vocational training in various fields. Services are available to at risk youth and young justice system who reside in New Haven County. The YTS through the Workforce Alliance provides participants with the opportunity to earn vocational certificates.

Program Goals

The Youth Transition Services goal is to provide quality services to ensure that all youth served will achieve the highest level of education and training to succeed in competitive employment.

Core Values & Vision

All Youth Transition Services staff will work with and help children and youth served to realize their potential and positively impact their communities. All staff will recognize that all young people have talents and interests that motivate them to grow and develop. When engaged in activities that reflect these interests and talents, young people will strive to overcome academic and social barriers that obstruct or impede their growth.


All youth served in the program receive an assessment, participate in job readiness and occupational training classes, have community service opportunities, as well as opportunities for paid and unpaid internships. The assessment addresses housing needs, family status, income status, mental health, disability status, DCF status, and job readiness. Experience and caring staff provide support and work with youth and their families to meet these unmet needs. Educational support is provided for youth working on obtaining their high school diploma or GED.

Program Highlights

  • Occupational Skills Training classes offer the opportunity for youth to earn certificates in Home Improvement, Security, and Personal Care.
  • All students complete a minimum of 12 hours community service.
  • All students receive a Work-Based Learning Placements which offers participants practical work skills, on-the-job-learning opportunities, and income. Participants will be placed in paid internships receive on the job work experience in paid and unpaid internships.
  • Job Readiness classes works with youth to improve those soft skills often lacking in first-time employees such as communication, enthusiasm and attitude, teamwork, networking, problem-solving and critical thinking, and professionalism.
  • Life skills training focuses on: maintaining healthy relationships, work and study habits, planning and goal-setting, using community resources, budgeting and paying bills, and computer literacy.
  • Strong involvement by the program’s community partners including area employers and community members participate as guest presenters and lecturers.
  • Educational support is provided by staff and interns to help youth improve their math and reading skills.