Foster Family Recruitment and Kinship Care

Consultation & Training Services

CCP offers training and consultation services to both public and private agencies. Training includes 1) effective foster family recruitment strategies, 2) engaging kin and relatives; 3) building partnerships with public and private agencies; 4) building staff competencies to work with relatives; and 5) family search and engagement services. Kinship training and consultation services are offered by CCP in collaboration with the Family-Focused Treatment Association (FFTA), a national association representing agencies that provide family-based treatment.

Increasing Foster Parent Recruitment by Improving the Customer Experience

CCP has found that improving prospective foster parents’ experiences brings in more of the right foster parents and encourages them to stay. By using this customer service approach, CCP has doubled the number of foster families over the last two years, with high levels of foster family retention. This approach is backed up by research, which indicates an improved customer experience:

  • Increases loyalty
  • Increases trust
  • Increases positive feelings about the agency
  • Increases positive word-of-mouth
  • Increases frustration tolerance

How We Can Help

CCP is interested in sharing our experience and learning from our colleagues to continue to build on this work. We offer tailored training & technical assistance that will:

  • Share CCP’s experience of changing the agency’s culture and use of data to improve results;
  • Define “Customer Experience” and understand how it impacts foster parent recruitment and retention;
  • Outline the steps needed to develop customer-focused recruitment and retention strategies; and
  • Discuss specific strategies and techniques for improving the experience of prospective foster parents.

Our Approach

  • Learn – Understand each other to determine the best fit and develop a collaborative relationship tailored to your agency’s needs
  • Assess – What is the problem you are trying to solve? What’s working? What are your challenges?
  • Set Goals – Define project scope and desired results
  • Plan – Create a step by step implementation plan that includes continuous quality improvement and data collection
  • Coach – Review progress, discuss barriers and how to bust them, update plans and goals


“Outstanding…the presenters were informative and motivational, an excellent team.”
“Thanks for the clear, practical application.”
“I found the information presented …to be very helpful. This strategy needs to be adopted by the organization as a whole. Thank you!”