About our Long Term Foster Care (CCP LTFC)

LTFC Program

The Children’s Community Programs of CT, Inc. Long Term Foster Care Program (CCP LTFC) will provide services for 12 children ages 0 to 17 of any gender, and including sibling groups, pregnant and/or parenting teens, or those who present with other special needs. The program is designed to serve those referred to the program for basic foster care, as well as those in need of more intensive services in a therapeutic foster care setting. Core services will promote well-being and will ensure strong connections with our foster families and the community. If applicable, we will facilitate reunification and stability and ensure that the children referred will have permanent living arrangements with sponsors or have developed the skills necessary to successfully transition into independent living should reunification not be achieved.

Program goals

  • Provide minors exposed to traumatic experiences with a safe home and environment while working towards their legal status.
  • Help the minors develop resilience and independence in a caring and safe environment with the help of mental health professionals and loving foster families.
  • Dedicate efforts to help the minors locate and identify possible family members and sponsors.


Specific services will be provided by a combination of internal staff and partner organizations, including, but not limited to individual and group counseling, case management, education, medical, legal, and acculturation and adaptation, as well as leisure and recreational activities. Children may also participate in job readiness and life skills training, vocational skills training. This program will also offer home visiting and parenting services for pregnant or parenting teens provided by CCP’s Family Development and Support Services program. Our foster parent network will bring children into their families and give them opportunities for family and community living. They are recruited, assessed, selected, credentialed, and trained by our dedicated staff. Our foster parents serve as partners in child protection, well-being, and permanency. 

Program Highlights

  • Stable placement in a supportive and nurturing foster home.
  • Weekly home visits by CCP Case Managers including exploration and vetting of sponsors, risk assessments, and other services.
  • Mental health services, including psychiatric evaluations, therapy, group sessions and medication management.
  • Appropriate clinical services are provided to children placed in our homes to address treatment issues.
  • Experienced program staff collaborates with other private, state, and national agencies to maintain and encourage the highest level of practice in terms of foster care.
  • Medical treatment and follow-up, including an assigned medical coordinator.
  • Youth skills training, including skills assessments, daily living and socialization skills, monthly workshops, and acculturation services.
  • 24/7 support is available to foster parents and children placed in the home to address emergency situations.
  • Staff have weekly contact with each child in placement.
  • Separate monthly visits are made with the foster parent to address their individual and family needs and concerns, and to coordinate services.
  • Specialized pre-placement and ongoing monthly foster parent training is provided for foster parents to address the emotional, behavioral, and educational needs of children placed in our homes.
  • Short-term respite care is provided for foster parents who need a break.
  • Referrals to outside youth advocates and community service.